Main Components of a Water Cooling Towers Manufacturers

Main Components of a Water Cooling Towers Manufacturers

Cooling tower, as the name suggests, is a cylindrical tower that helps in rejecting heat from a manufacturing process. It is done either to eliminate process heat or to lower down the working fluid of the procedure. The water cooling towers manufacturers prefer to construct the towers with fiberglass as it offers immense resistivity and longevity. Though the field erected water cooling towers can be constructed with the help of a variety of materials like concrete, redwood, steel, as well as, fiberglass, depending on the location and demand of the clients.

Prime Components of the Cooling Towers

The conjugation of highly efficient components leads to the construction of a reliable and efficient cooling tower. This effectively serves the purpose of the cooling tower and also restricts from any havoc incident. Let’s have a look at the components of the cooling towers along with its functionality:

  • Instrumentation system– includes Flow Meter, Blow Down Rate, Thermocouples, Water Level Switches for hot and cold water basins, oil level indicator switches, and vibration switches.
  • Cooling tower fan motor– is used in some of the industries like petrochemicals and refinery plants to ensure the protection against the explosion that can occur due to the leaky heat exchangers. To protect the fan motors, it is further equipped with Earth fault and overload relay protection systems.
  • Cooling tower nozzles- is mostly made up of plastic that includes polypropylene, glass filled nylon, PVC and ABS plastics. These nozzles are responsible for the equal distribution of the hot water in the cell of the cooling tower.
  • Distribution valves– are used to withstand the various corrosive agents and to regulate the flow of hot water.
  • Gear box– can lower the cooling tower fan speed depending on the requirement.
  • Drive shafts– transmit power from motor’s output shaft to gear’s input shaft.
  • Cooling tower louvers– are made of asbestos and are used to distribute uniform air flow and to keep the circulating water constricted within the cooling tower.
  • Fan cylinder & fan deck– are used for creating a way of access to the water distribution process and fan deck is the support system of the cylinder.
  • Water distribution piping– goes down below the ground in order to withstand the thrust of the water pressure.
  • Cooling tower fan– is the prime item of the tower that helps the effective operation of the tower.
  • Cooling tower structure– can either be constructed with chemically treated wood or concrete depending on the requirements.
  • Cold water basin– is made up of RCC and stores the cold water from the tower that forms the foundation of the cooling tower.
  • Drift eliminator– helps limit the volume of water escaping into the discharge air. This leads to water loss.
  • Cooling tower fill media– makes the contact of air and water surface area possible.


The cooling tower is one of the most efficient structures that can eliminate the heat during the process of manufacturing. The proficient water cooling towers manufacturers make the proper usage of the aforementioned items during the construction of the cooling tower. This leads to the fruitful production of the material giving priority to the safety of the manpower and property.


Benefits you can avail from Water Cooling Towers in India

Benefits you can avail from Water Cooling Towers in India

Water is the synonym of life and is used in every industry for various purposes. Apart from being a part of the basic manufacturing process, water is also an integral part of the cooling process in the domestic and commercial spaces to cool down the elevating temperature. Cooling towers were in use for a long time but it had numerous disadvantages. It offered cooling effect in exchange for a huge noise that was capable of affecting the regular activity of the daily life. There are numerous sizes of water cooling towers in India and in order to get the most of it, you must select a suitable size. Only a size and specification compatible cooling tower will be able to produce the desired result.

Why Cooling Tower?

In the industrial plants like nuclear, thermal power, petrochemical, petroleum refineries, HVAC systems, food processing, etc. a huge amount of heat is produced that need controlling in order to avoid any catastrophe. Cooling towers can eliminate the heat generated in a reliable, silent, and cost-effective way, which must be chosen smartly in order to get the effective result.

Cooling Tower Size and Importance

The size of the cooling towers matters the most when the efficiency is concerned. If a cooling tower with smaller than the required size is installed in a plant, it will not be able to cool the process efficiently. This will demand a huge expense for remodeling of the tower. On the other hand, it might also damage the different machinery products due to less cooling effect.

Benefits of Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are not only used to cater the cooling needs, but also to offer numerous other benefits like:

  • To get rid of the issues of corrosion those are caused due to the chemical water treatments, industrial gases, and saline air.
  • These are equipped with direct-drive motors, which give a peace of mind from the usage of gearbox or belts. This helps curb the operational and maintenance concerns.
  • The dynamic speed of the fan motor ensures a stable temperature of water under diversified circumstances.
  • It also saves the electricity consumption by adjusting the cooling effect as per the need, thus reducing the expense.
  • The size of the cooling tower can vary from a rooftop attachment to a huge industrial structure, depending on the need.
  • People residing or working in the domestic or commercial building respectively can immensely enjoy the benefits of a cooling tower. It can efficiently cool the drinking water to give relief from the scorching summer heat.


Cooling towers are an essential attachment of any industry that saves almost all the machinery and manpower from any heat-related mishap. It not only cools the heat of the system, but also saves the process from getting affected due to the natural or chemical agents. In order to get the best results of a cooling tower, it is suggested to get the site inspected by an expert, who will be able to specify the exact size and functionality of the tower in the most cost-effective, noise-less, and fruitful manner.

How to improve cooling tower efficiency and conserve water

In an industry, it is essential to employ a certain cooling technique in order to ensure seamless operation and manage any fire-related disaster. Some of the techniques are dry air cooling system, cooling tower, etc. Cooling towers are one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of cooling technique, which if maintained properly, can yield fruitful outcome. The proficient cooling tower exporters in India make sure the industries are equipped with the top-notch cooling tower for a smooth operation. However, the procedure of ensuring efficiency doesn’t end with installing a proficient cooling tower. The tower demands proper maintenance in order to maintain the following facilities:

  • Conserving energy.
  • Reducing the amount of the consumption of water.
  • Depleting the chemical usage for the purpose of water treatment.
  • Increasing the longevity of the tower.
  • Reducing the overall maintenance cost.

Conserving Water during the Operation of the Cooling Tower

Cooling Tower Exporter

Water is a very important resource to continue life on the earth in a seamless manner. Hence, it is an essential duty of every human being to conserve water and reduce wastage to ensure secure future. There are numerous industries that use water for various purposes. The cooling tower is installed in an industry to save water by eliminating heat effectively and releasing it to the atmosphere, making the system cool. It is done with the help of evaporative and convective heat transfer.

Operation of the Cooling Tower

As the water envelops the cooling tower and comes in touch with the atmosphere, it is either pulled or pushed across the fill with the help of drift fans. The air that evaporates from the tower is free of any impurities or mineral solids. However, with the increase in the amount of dissolved mineral content in the water, the cooling tower blow down decreases, which contributes to the requirement of water. But the enhanced content of minerals in the water can deplete the performance of cooling tower over a period of time.

Improving the Performance of the Cooling Tower

There are various factors that contribute to the enhanced efficiency of the cooling tower. They are:

  • pH Adjustment- The pH of the water demands maintaining so the corrosion and the formation of scale can be controlled in a great way.
  • Depleting the chemical scale- Different chemicals are introduced in the system in order to dissolve the magnesium and calcium salts, which help in controlling the corrosion effectively.
  • Cooling tower makeup pretreatment- The calcium hardness should be maintained within a moderate range.


When the cycles of the cooling towers are increased, it offers various benefits, which are as follows:

  • Reduces consumption of water.
  • Diminishes the need for frequent water treatment.
  • Depletes the cost of operation.
  • Decreases the generation of waste.

The potential of saving the cost depends on the type of plant and the process of manufacturing. However, cooling tower exporters in India make sure the wastage is effectively controlled. It can be achieved if the efficiency of the tower is increased, which also contributes to the conservation of water.

Why Pultruded Cooling Towers Significance in Industrial Market?

Industries are getting more innovative and productive every day. This is the reason Pultruded Cooling Towers are getting immensely popular in the industrial market. This is the common process for manufacturing industries generating heat at different production stages. This is necessary to control this heat with right tools or techniques.

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Industrial Cooling Towers Suit Variety Of Applications Across Global Market

Water is taken as effective medium for heat transfer and readily available too. Water dissipates heat evenly and transfers it outside in surroundings. Further cooling towers are divided into various categories like FRP cooling towers, industrial cooling towers, Pultruded cooling towers or air cooled system etc. You just have to choose right product that suits your project requirements the most.

Today, cooling towers can be seen almost everywhere from food processing units to petrochemical areas and refineries etc. The applications don’t end here but they are good for commercial areas or public places too. These products should always be taken from reputed industrial cooling towers manufacturers in India that are efficient and cost effective both.

Cooling towers are designed with a single objective for proper heat transfer generated in plant. This will not only prevent overheating inside plant but protect employees too from unwanted damage. Cooling towers dissipate heat into surrounding and 100 percent environmental friendly product too. These are cost – effective considerations as recirculation is always expensive.

Today, cooling towers are used almost everywhere in global market. They are readily available and can be used in multiple configurations. They can be used as centralized system too that help in heat ejection into environment. In this way, safe temperature is maintained inside building and free from any health damage.

The only condition is that cooling towers should be designed carefully or industry specifications should also be taken into consideration. IT will help you in focusing on environmental problems in most natural way. You just have to find out best industrial cooling towers manufacturers in India that always work in your favor.

The next use of cooling towers is air conditioning inside commercial or industry establishments. They can be driven through motor and few are natural drafted fan assisted products.

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Heat Exchanger Industrial Cooling Towers are Worth Investing Product

Cooling towers are specialized equipments intended by experts to absorb heat. The range of cooling towers includes industrial cooling towers, oil immersed cooling towers, dry cooling towers, etc. Water has been heated by an industrial process or in condenser and pumped to the cooling tower through pipes. When the water and air meet, a small amount of water is evaporated that lowers down the temperature.


Cooling tower are generally suitable for specific purpose. Cooling towers are design and manufacture with different type and numerous size. All type of cooling tower are not working well with all application or industries. Here, we help you to understand the various type, advantage and limitation because it’s very important when choosing the ideal tower for a different project. Below, you can see cooling tower product list which provide an overview of towers and help to choose the ideal tower which completely suitable for your application.

Distinct types of cooling towers that manufacturing units supply to worldwide clients are-

  • Crossflow cooling towers
  • Counterflow cooling towers
  • Induced draft cooling towers
  • Factory assembled cooling towers
  • Field erected cooling towers

Crossflow cooling towers- In these towers water flows vertically through the fill and air flows horizontally, across the flow of the water that falls down. This revokes air and does not allow it to pass through the distribution system. There are basins installed in all crossflow towers.

Counterflow cooling towers– These towers are intended by proficient engineers in a way the air flow rate straight upward. Due to its vertical airflow, it is impossible to use the open, gravity-flow basins typical in crossflow designs. Counterflow design instead uses pressurized, pipe spray systems to spray water onto the fill top. As it is important for air to pass through the spray system, nozzles and pipes should be apart so airflow would not get affected.

Such industrial cooling towers are worth investment options for businesses. Companies can rely on these cooling towers and keep their applications running without interruption. There are customized range of FRP cooling towers, air cooled towers, water cooled towers, etc. You can find these all designs at manufacturing units.

There are suppliers across the globe dealing in distinct range of industrial cooling towers exporters Manufacturers. You can contact them and share your requirements. They are offering best custom designs to their valuable customers. You can count on one of such dealers Tower Tech. Experts in Tower Tech are regularly dealing with global clients and meeting all requirements sophisticatedly. They are designing and fabricating each cooling tower with premium components and following every standard while constructing each tower. Contact them and avail the best deal in your city.

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Performance Enhancement Of a Forced Draft Counter Flow Cooling Tower

You must have read about cooling towers that these are among prominent mass and heat transfer devices that are widely accepted across the industries. One of their major applications is in cooling of condensers of large AC systems extensively found in high temperature regions all over the world. This study is made by Tower tech global experts to brief about the forced draft counter flow cooling towers.

counter flow cooling tower

Countries where hot and humid climate is a usual thing require premium and high efficient cooling towers that can withstand the harsh environment conditions without any problem. Engineers and cooling tower manufacturers use conventional air conditioning systems to cool and dehumidify the air in the cooling tower.

They usually select the air cooled chillers and install them inside the buildings. It is tough to install water cooled chillers in such countries due to high humidity in the summers. To balance the temperature, water cooled condensers are installed in order to reject heat from refrigeration system in dry and moderate climates.

Water cooling tower occupies a significant roof space area and this limits the architecture designs. These are being used to dissipate heat from industrial processes and from refrigeration and AC systems. Inside counter flow model, hot water is sprayed into an air stream, mass and heat are transferred and the water enthalpy lowers; however, that of air increases.

To raise the cooling rate, the interface area between water and air is increased by offering packed and liquidized beds.

Engineers install distinct pumps in different regions to transfer hot water from hot water tank to the cooling tower and to transfer cold water from the cooling to cold water tank. The hot water pumps possess a flow rate capacity of 17 US GPM that relates the flow requirement of the flow rate of counter flow cooling tower.

Manufacturers today are offering their best of production ranges to their clientele. In case you have any query related to cooling towers performance, ask Tower Tech Global experts and get a free quote anytime.