Are The Cooling Towers Meant For Industrial Use Only?

Cooling towers are widely accepted devices all over the world as a device used for industrial plant cooling. In this article, we will discuss the design features of industrial cooling towers that maximize heat transfer and particularly fill selection and significance of selecting the proper design.

Are The Cooling Towers Meant For Industrial Use Only?

For standard cooling towers, manufacturers bring two types of cooling towers – counter flow towers and cross flow towers. Among them, counter flow cooling towers are more acceptable. The other design is forced draft that has fans to push air throughout the tower.

The heat transfer concept with any cooling tower is to maximize interaction between the incoming air and warm water dissipated above. The fill in the cooling tower increases the surface area of the incoming water and enhances heat transfer process.

Cooling tower fills is main area of heat transfer from hot water to cool water. there are divided in two types Splash Fills & Film Fills. The splash fill option is ideal to enhance heat transfer and in few cases, it can splash the hot water and falling down on the top of the tower distribution desk. Splash fills divided hot water into fine water drop slate then make more surface area between air and water. also it is still used, albeit with plastic and not wood as the construction material.

Typically film fill are being prepared with using PVC and polypropylene materiel which are join two gather and give a honeycombed appearance. In majority of cases, film fills are preferable choices to make. As the name explains, film fill induces the cooling water to prepare a film over the material surface. With this filming mechanism, the liquid surface area gets maximised. For the most part fill film increment the heat rejection rate over splash fills,they are additionally significantly more powerless to fouling, scaling, and microbiological growth.

Flute geometry is the underlying design element used for changing each of the fill types in the tower. Flutes are the air-water passageways that promote the efficiency of the fill’s fouling and thermal characteristics. exporters of industrial cooling towers in India consider flute size and flow path together when intending for the best combination of heat transfer and fouling resistance.

These are the basic fundamentals of designs issued by cooling towers manufacturers. You can review this article by commenting below. We do answer queries related to cooling towers; you can anytime mail or call our (Tower Tech Global) customer support desk.


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