Engineers produce fan less cooling tower in forced draught and induced draught designs, in multi-fan and single fan arrangements as per the client’s specifications and requirements. Manufacturers and suppliers of these products use copper tubes. Aluminium fins on client’s request. All the tubes used in the design of towers are well expanded tested for leak and pressure. Foundries have solid infrastructure and specialized European technology to manufacture these cooling towers.

A fan less design of cooling system are shut down seasonally, winterized and drained to prevent damage of freeze. User cannot operate these specialized towers without a heat load. As per the manufacturers, it is advisable not to operate the tower in the absence of professional. They install sensors and alarms to monitor tower conditions.

Fan less cooling tower1

What Are The Functions And Features Of Cooling Towers?

Natural draft cooling towers hold attraction as solution to save costs for power stations and huge industrial plants. These plants need lots of amount of cooling water. It requires cooling air, which is transported with the help of natural draft. This is why the design doesn’t need any fan or fan power. Such manufacturers of  Fan Less FRP cooling towers are also used for releasing treated exhaust gas and there is no need of chimney or gas reheating. The flow rate of the gas is around 200,000/m/h per 9,00,000 gpm.

Industrial cooling towers are extremely economical for depreciation. Amount of water gets preserved on with the help of Fin Type Cooler. There is no such need of preparation as atmospheric air is present in abundance. There is no need of formation of scale or heat exchanger cleaning in the cooling tower. The tower starts giving low performance when the tepid air is recirculated into it. To enhance the performance, you can make the high distance between the air outlet and inlet present in the tower.

How To Maintain Fan Less Cooling Tower?

  • User must prevent scale deposits in the tower
  • There should be efficient water treatment
  • User should ensure that there should be adequate air flow
  • Clogged nozzles should be cleaned and sprayed.
  • Pump performance should be assured

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