Easy Ways To Maintain Your Field Erected Cooling Tower With Convenience

field erected Pultruded FRP cooling tower
field erected Pultruded FRP cooling tower

You should know that a well-maintained cooling tower will function at its original optimum efficiency. Learn how to sustain the efficiency of the cooling tower.

Do you know? It’s in your hands to save minimum 15% of electricity costs by following a few simple preventive measures to enhance the performance of the field erected cooling tower. Routine maintenance of your cooling towers will help in conserving water and electricity and will also make the device more durable and robust for tough conditions.

When you regularly use cooling towers and over time it is being neglected by you, the water temperature will increase. The rise in water temperature will raise energy costs by up to 6% for every 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

The List Of Tips You Must Consider Are-

  1. You need to check the overall condition of your cooling tower
  2. Never ignore or overlook any uneasy sound coming out from your unit
  3. Before commencing any hand-work, be sure you follow the guidelines and proper procedure shared by your cooling tower manufacturer or supplier.
  4. Clean all the debris from strainers if you want to keep the system free of useless materials.
  5. Check your water distribution system and look at dry areas over the fill coil section. This step is critical as it prevents scale building and enhances the capacity of the unit.
  6. If the surface is not completely wetted, check for cracks and clogs in the nozzles.
  7. Flush all dirt and debris from cold water basin via tower drain or sump strainer to sustain filtration system.
  8. If any tension problem arises on the belt, fix it to ensure optimal belt drive system performance
  9. Regularly check the oil level, quality of oil, and shaft alignment for a gear drive system.
  10. Lubricate fan shaft bearing thrice a month to maintain smooth operation.

These top ten tips will save your money by saving energy, time, and water consumption in field erected Pultruded FRP cooling tower. To know right address to get professional assistance, write to us. Tower tech Global has the specialized environment and engineering teams to handle and maintain cooling towers.

We have also discussed on “Safety Issues and Maintenance Practice For Pultruded Cooling Towers“. You can get in touch with customer support desk and book your appointment today. Our experts will respond you soon via call or email.



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